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he's an android...

so why with the blood?

come on man... furries?

to be very honest... i liked it. it was suspenseful... but it took too long to get to the point you were making. so here's an overview.

the dog dying is a good touch. almost made me gag seeing the dog like that. but knowing what killed him confused me. how in the fuck could furries just cut a dog clean in half? seems a bit stupid.

the man dying, another fine touch to the suspense/horrorful feeling of the whole animation.

but furries? come on. what the hell. that was just disappointing. i was hoping you'd have a little more creativity than that. not to mention the mere fact that, IF you were going to use a furry, you should have chosen EVIL looking furries, not cute animals of the wood.
personally, i love furries. and i'm not so bothered by the fact that you used furries as an evil for your animation.
but what you could have at least done is used evil furries, not cute furries.
so i really have to ask... why the jab at furries? do you have some sort of an irrational fear of furries? or you have a problem with the furry community?
all i can say is, whatever it is, get the stick out of your ass, man. i love your animations, but this one makes me ashamed to say you're on my list of favorite flash artists. you were right up there with Egoraptor for me, until i saw this.

one of my best real life friends is a furry lover. hell, might even be a furry himself. he's one step short of wearing a fursuit to an anime convention. but other than that? he's as normal as people come. comes from a nice background full of his father being a psychopath and everything!

anyways... the animation itself was fine. keep up the good work...
but keep furrybashing out of it, dude. that's just not cool.

fuck yes.

it was good. wonderful. i'm just wondering about an uncensored edition :P cookie skoon was right about the poke'mon pokemorphs

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Hours Of Fun!

seriously! i started playing this game at like... 10 P.M. and stopped at 2 in the morning! love it!

great game... I LOVE IT

try my level. i promise you, it's worth it ^_^ unknown=eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee2111n1eeeeeerzefeee e1111edeeeezreeeyeeee1111eseee eeerz1weeee1111e1eeee1erre1eee e111hh1eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


GameBalance responds:

I fixed a problem when levels posted in forum. Now you can paste them with spaces and it will work.
That was good easy level.

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sounds like...

exactly what you said it is. someone's first actual attempt at this style of music. so that's good. you've performed to-par. now, refine it. you, as a whole, gotta work on changing the tune up a bit. change things up. if you're looking into Brostep, Skrillex is a good, and very popular example. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites demonstrates the two stages of a dubstep song. a kind of serene area, and a rugged area where all the bass is.

two things.

1) you're a fucking retard.
2) you're a FUCKING retard.

yes i can count, unlike you. i just thought the first two needed some emphasis.


you're right. they're not full-on punk. but they take inspiration from punk, and do take a few of the qualities. MCR did a cover of Astro Zombies by The Misfits (the first Horror Punk band) and do take a rather close resemblance to some punk sounds. but when it comes to it, MCR pathes their way through their own genre. they stay a lot closer to Metal, taking most of their influence from classic theatre and drama, and inspired mostly by music made by bands such as Iron Maiden. i, in fact, hope you won't simply ignore this review, i'd actually liek to talk to you about this whole debocle. it's an interesting argument that is suddenly pulled up by this whole thing.

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hey all. i'm finally starting to get into the Voice Acting business i've always wanted. drop me a message if you'd like to hear a demo or something... i'll work on getting something up.

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