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Cyliciben Cyliciben

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

sounds like...

exactly what you said it is. someone's first actual attempt at this style of music. so that's good. you've performed to-par. now, refine it. you, as a whole, gotta work on changing the tune up a bit. change things up. if you're looking into Brostep, Skrillex is a good, and very popular example. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites demonstrates the two stages of a dubstep song. a kind of serene area, and a rugged area where all the bass is.

the not so boring parade the not so boring parade

Rated 0 / 5 stars

two things.

1) you're a fucking retard.
2) you're a FUCKING retard.

yes i can count, unlike you. i just thought the first two needed some emphasis.

Io MorirĂ² Io MorirĂ²

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


you're right. they're not full-on punk. but they take inspiration from punk, and do take a few of the qualities. MCR did a cover of Astro Zombies by The Misfits (the first Horror Punk band) and do take a rather close resemblance to some punk sounds. but when it comes to it, MCR pathes their way through their own genre. they stay a lot closer to Metal, taking most of their influence from classic theatre and drama, and inspired mostly by music made by bands such as Iron Maiden. i, in fact, hope you won't simply ignore this review, i'd actually liek to talk to you about this whole debocle. it's an interesting argument that is suddenly pulled up by this whole thing.

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Truth or Dare Truth or Dare

Rated 5 / 5 stars

there is a reason...

most punk/emo/scene bands sound alike. there is a very good reason for this. that is because all bands derive their musical style from eachother, and add their own twists to existing musical tunes. that is why a lot of today's metal bands derive a riff or two from old metal bands, and that's also why a lot of today's more upbeat emopunk bands sound a bit like Blink-182 did. i've been listening to alternative musics for a LONG time, and i've actually made it a personal mission to study music. it's kinda pathetic, but... you know, it's how i survive :P in any case, this is a very good song, and personay, it reminds me of a little bit of Fall Out Boy.

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